LunixLabs Logo LunixLabs is the playground for Alex Lunix.

Alex Lunix is a Freelance Web Developer who is available for hire for any of the following things, and more. If you want to hire him, check out the Contact page.

  • Website modification
  • Website design
  • Website development from premade design
  • Complete website creation
  • Premade system installation:
    Including but not limited to:
    • phpBB
    • WordPress
    • vBulliten
    • Zen Cart
    • Kayako
  • Website maintenance
  • Securing Websites

In his free time he also works on various projects, feel free to check them out.

News [MORE]

Site Updates 12-22-13

I’ve updated the main site with all the changes I’ve been working on, here are a few of the ones I can remember: User Registration User Login User Privilege System Administrator Control Panel An actual project page (with admin backend) A few test projects: A PacMan animation with keyboard control (In HTML5) An HTML5 WebSocket [...]

LLMC – Discontinued 04-17-13

For now, LunixLabs’ Minecraft server has been discontinued. Someday we may start a new one, to try out the updates, or try out a modpack, but for now it has been shut down. If you want a copy of the server’s map, let me know and I can get you a link to it. The [...]

Site Updates 04-17-13

I’ve made some updates the site! The contact page should now work, for now I’ll leave it without a captcha, but if it ever gets abused I’ll throw one on there (or some other form of spam protection). I also added ads to the site to help offset the server costs, I’ve made sure that [...]

Server Change 01-12-13

LunixLabs has moved servers, as such many things are broken and are in the process of being fixed. We are also changing to our new site design in the process, though it’s not quite finished yet so some links are broken on it. In other news LLMC is temporarily down due to bukkit updates and [...]